Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Magnifying Lamp, I Love You

I love my new magnifying lamp! I've never had one but I can't believe I was trying to make things without one. I would probably have lost my eyesight in a few years if it wasn't for this new awesome tool. It helps so much and with its stand I can position it any way I like. I recommend getting one if you can. Mine was a gift from my boyfriend's mother, Meg, she's always getting the neatest things for me to make miniatures with as well as tools. These butterflies would have been a pain in the arse without the magnifier! They turned out great and I can't wait to make more this weekend. My plan is to make some acorn planters with budding little sprouts. The acorns, if altered right, can even look like small woven baskets if they are trimmed down a bit. You should try this, if you got acorns laying around. I found these in the Berkeley hills of California on a walk and now I wish I had collected more. The acorn planters measure approximately 3/4-inch in diameter...super tiny! I plan on using one of these planters on the front steps of my little cottage. The rest I will sell on my Etsy later this week. The dirt is dried coffee grounds which work fantastic. To cement the 'dirt' down i mixed white glue with water, then I poured it into a spray bottle, and then simply sprayed the dirt. The water helps the glue seep through the dirt better. Hope you like the pictures!
Here's what my work table looks like after a long night.


Ana said...

Oh¡¡¡Muy buen trabajo¡¡¡Te ha quedado precioso¡¡¡Felicidades

La Belle Cuisine by...Marina said...

I had a Christmas present too: a fantastic magnifying lamp and I love it!!!
Good work, the buterfly is very small!

sara marina said...
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