Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pasta Machine, I Hate You!

So, I've had my pasta machine for no more than two years and its already broken! Can I add that I barely used it since I'm a full-time student and never really had any time to devote to miniatures until really recently. I don't know what happened but its squeaks like nobody's business and it gets stuck when I try to crank the lever. Its so noisy and annoying I feel like throwing it out the basement window. My boyfriend thinks he can fix it, but I'm totally done with pasta machines. I'm going to stick to my acrylic roller from now on, even if it takes me all day to soften those clays.


Knotty By Nature said...

So Sorry :( Was your pasta machine for crafts like the one at Michaels or for real pasta? I've had great times with my Michaels one - cost me $14 after coupon and makes life much easier.

La Belle Cuisine by...Marina said...

Please, don´t!!! Send it to me, I love garbage!!!!! :)))))

My Christmas present was a pasta machine and I love it! And here (portugal) it is expensive! Try to put some oil machine!!!

Good luck!

Minnie Kitchen said...

You know, I use a sharpie highlighter as my roller...I never ended up buying a pasta machine... now you're tempting me to buy one!!

sara marina said...

@Knotty By Nature, I actually bought it on Ebay for $15 a believe, plus shipping. I wish i wasn't being so difficult!

@Marina, my boyfriend doesn't want me to throw it way, he pulled it out of the garbage can after I had ditched there. He actually was thinking of oiling it up too. Thanks, I guess I should give it another chance. Although, I know some miniature artisans who don't use pasta machines! I guess we will see :)

@Minnie Kitchen, wow a sharpie pen! That's the first time I've heard that!