Monday, February 07, 2011

Treating Myself to Minimiam

Well, I am just exhausted from this week's work and its only Monday! Why do I feel like I'll be in perpetual school life forever? I'm frankly sick of it and can't wait for this semester to end. In the meantime, I've treated myself to revisiting Minimiam's website! I absolutely love them and what they do with food and HO scale figures. The only reason I know about them is because my wonderfully amazing boyfriend Martin is into HO scale model trains and so I decided I wanted to do something in that scale but never knew what, that is until I discovered this dynamic duo. Minimian makes you feel like there's a world of fun waiting if you could only shrink down to the size of their tiny adventurers. I feel like shrinking down and playing around huge chocolate bars or skiing down a slope of whipped Chantilly cream like they show their little people doing. My favorite is the creme brulee scene with the little spacemen! Check them out at their WEBSITE and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Don't you think its simply magical how they make you think that the little figures are really alive and actually moving. Like they are really inspecting the crack in the eclair above! Does anyone know where I can get an eclair that big? I think they do a great job of conveying movement, picking foods that are perfect for the shots and then just positioning everything ever so perfectly.
I actually won a bid recently on Ebay for two boxes of Presier brand HO scale figures. They all come unpainted and I've called dibs on painting specific ones! Sorry Martin, you can't paint them!!! Well, maybe a few since you're the only reason I know about HO scale! :) I'm only joking and I'm sure there will be enough to share considering that each box has 120 figures! If anyone is interested you can view my boyfriends trains at his Youtube right HERE.

This is what they look like at first, as you can see they are very detailed for being so small and they come in different themes. All of the ones I've bought are normal modern day people, business men, workers, housewives, etc. You can just imagine the fun I'll be having thinking up scenes to photograph them in! Hope you liked this post, I specifically wanted to share this for all those who haven't discovered how much fun HO scale can be. Here's the WEBSITE to their work.


Patricia Cabrera said...

wow, these pictures are great and what amount patients to work with such small scale ...great!

sara marina said...

Thank you :)