Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Canoeing Inspiration

I love Native American art, culture and all the beauty and history it invokes. I want to share with you a sculpture that I've fallen in love with these past few weeks. I came across it when I was researching Native American art and canoeing. I recently bought a canoe to use in numerous trips this summer up in northern Michigan, thus my recent infatuation with canoeing . Anyways, this piece I've fallen in love with, which is called Whispers of the Dawn is made by Tamara Bonet. Just looking at the sculpture's face, I wonder what she is so carefully listening to. Everything about her is interesting and she is made so perfectly that I don't think I've ever seen a piece that's held my interest for so long. The details are amazing from the blanket, dress to the lips and eyes. It's just simply beautiful.

You can read more about this beautiful sculpture and other pieces by Tamara Bonet at her WEBSITE. I would love to own this sculpture and I know exactly where I would put it too.


Ascension said...

Es una verdadera maravilla, un trabajo realmente bien hecho, todos los detalles estan tan reales.
Gracias por el enlace y esas preciosas fotografias.
besitos ascension

sara marina said...

Si, tambien yo creo que es un trabajo verdaderamente bello. Muchas gracias por prestar atenciĆ³n en mi blog Ascension! Si te gustaria mira mi nuevo blog abajo http://thenaturalselections.blogspot.com/